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Welcome to Brinegar Eye Care, LLC
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Welcome to Brinegar Eye Care, LLC in Bloomington, Indiana. Dr. Ronald Jody Brinegar and the Brinegar Eye Care, LLC team strive to provide the best in optometry services. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our optometry services and join our patient family by scheduling an eye exam appointment at our Bloomington office.

Brinegar Eye Care, LLC is a full service eye and vision care provider, accepting both eye emergencies as well as scheduled appointments. Patients throughout the Bloomington area come to Brinegar Eye Care, LLC because they know they will receive the personal attention and professional care that is our foundation. Dr. Brinegar and our team are dedicated to keeping our patients comfortable and well-informed at all times. At Brinegar Eye Care, LLC, we will explain every exam and procedure and answer all of our patients' questions. Additionally, at Brinegar Eye Care, LLC, we offer private pay eyeglass packages and will work with vision insurance providers to ensure good eye health and vision care for all of our patients.

Our Approach to Optometry

Our one-on-one approach to optometry makes Dr. Brinegar and the Brinegar Eye Care, LLC staff the eye and vision care providers of choice in the Bloomington area. Our Bloomington optometrist offers the following services: complete eye exams, contact lenses, eyeglasses, glaucoma testing, and pre- and post-operative care. For a complete list of services, visit our services page or call our Bloomington office at (812) 339-7995.

At Brinegar Eye Care, LLC, we are dedicated to providing high-quality optometry services in a comfortable environment. Call us at (812) 339-7995 or schedule an appointment today online.

Dr. Ronald Jody Brinegar
Brinegar Eye Care, LLC | (812) 339-7995
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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "We love Dr. Brinegar and his staff! Always very friendly, willing to explain any eye health concerns, and take time with picking out glasses. You can tell that Dr. Brinegar loves eyes and the way they work and I always leave feeling like I've learned something new."
    David O.
  • "Terrific dr and staff! Very friendly, always helpful! My family all goes here and we drive 40 minutes but it's worth it!"
    Sara S.
  • "Dr. Brinegar and all of his staff are really excellent. Myself and my family all go here for our eye care, and have for years. I would strongly recommend them to anyone in the area."
    Ian S.
  • "Dr. Brinegar is my favorite doctor in Bloomington. His staff has been very kind and knowledgeable, and I've had no trouble being seen quickly when necessary. As an added bonus, Dr. Brinegar is brilliant, witty, and great with kids - a winning combination."
    Tara D.
  • "Dr. Brinegar and all of his staff are really excellent. Myself and my family all go here for our eye care, and have for years. I would strongly recommend them to anyone in the area."
    Ian S.
  • "Excellent care. I really trust this team. They are friendly, have a clean office space, are quick, make things easy for me, and the doc has a good sense of humor."
    Nick M.
  • "Brinegar Eye Care was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process of scheduling and having my appointment. The staff was very friendly and made it feel like a much more personal visit rather than just a doctor's visit. The receptionist, technician, doctor, and optical staff were all kind and knowledgeable.
    I absolutely recommend Brinegar eye care to anyone in Bloomington who is in need of an eye doctor!"
    Jordan T.
  • "Great experience for members of my family from ages 12-78. Dr. Brinegar has handled regular eye exams, emergency visits, recommended procedures, corrected eye health issues, and even suggested no glasses or corrections at all when necessary. As time has moved on..all of his recommendations have proven accurate for my family's vision needs. Super friendly staff. Definitely call them if you have any vision needs."
    Bradley P.
  • "I had my first visit with Dr. Brinegar last week. Great experience with friendly, helpful staff and amusing, caring doctor! I think I've found an office I can return to for future exams."
    Susan B.
  • "Pleasant experience, kind staff. Dr. Brinegar was nothing short of professional and very friendly."
    Clay G.
  • "Dr. Brinegar's office is always very efficient, but I was really impressed with the new equipment and larger patient care area! I was able to receive a very detailed analysis of the blood vessels in my eyes and what they show about my BP, my overall health...and my age (ha!)! And I didn't have to have my eyes dilated...that was really great.
    As always, I appreciate Dr. Brinegar's humor and general affability. His staff is very friendly and thorough...and tech savvy!"
    Cassie L.
  • "Dr. Brinegar and his staff have provided me with efficient, friendly, and professional eye examinations and eye care for over 15 years. I recommend him."
    Brad S.
  • "I've never had an eye doctor experience like this! They are friendly, knowledgeable, fast, and professional. Dr. Brinegar made me feel at ease and actually took time to explain the process and result of my exam. Highly recommended!"
    J. T.
  • "Every time I have used them, it has been very worthwhile. Great staff and the Doctor is great and pleasant to work with, with a very fun bedside manner!
    Highly recommend!"
    Torry H.
  • "I don't often write reviews for places that don't serve food, but my experience here just really exceeded my expectations.
    Dr. Brinegar and his staff were extremely friendly and thorough and I definitely didn't feel like they were rushing through patients but rather taking care to serve each one.

    Perhaps the main reason that I was so impressed with Dr. Brinegar is that he was able to give me answers for questions that no other optometrist had answered for me. I now know exactly why my eyes don't do well with contacts and why certain glasses seem to wear out faster for me.
    He is not only very knowledgeable, but also (unlike many other doctors) able and willing to impart that knowledge onto his patients."
    Taylor G.
  • "I went into Brinegar Eye care in order to adjust my spectacle frame, which was bent in a small accident. It is a local family business and the reason for my choosing to visit them in the first place. The technician, who clearly knew her craft, took time and care with my frames and adjusted them expertly, and above all generously without charge. I highly recommend them for any of your eye care needs."
    Mike L.
  • "Very excited my girls are in contacts. Staff is great and very patient with your pre-teens and the allow Mom to be present at all times!! Feel respected and cared for. Highly recommend!!! Especially if your child is very active in sports!"
    Deb U.

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