Progressive Multi-focal Lenses

If you are over 40 and having difficulty with your vision, chances are you are experiencing the common gradual loss of near vision. Good news! You do not have to carry a separate pair of glasses for reading or wear lined bifocal lenses like your parents did. Progressive lenses offer a smooth transition from distance vision through intermediate vision to near vision. This means that instead of having just two different viewing zones (near and distant), like with bifocals, progressive lenses have gradual powers of correction (from bottom to top), easing eye strain and providing the most natural vision correction. You will be able to see to drive, read the news, and check your email with the same glasses. 

Our office has a sixty-day non-adapt warranty on progressive multi-focal lenses. If you are unable to adapt to your new progressive lenses after substantial  wear, we will remake your lenses to single vision or a lined bifocal at no additional cost.

Digital High Definition Lenses

Do you have 20/20 vision when you wear your glasses but still feel dissatisfied with how you see? You might benefit from high-definition digital lenses. Limitations in your eye sight may be due to the optical characteristics of your eyes or can be caused by the optical limitations of conventional eyeglass lenses. Digital lenses are designed to provide sharper vision in all lighting conditions. The difference in vision between a digital lens and regular lens is similar to the difference in an HD TV compared to an SD TV. 

Virtually anyone who wears eyeglasses is a good candidate for high-definition eyeglass lenses. Individuals who look at cell phones and computers a lot throughout the day and individuals with higher eyeglass prescriptions may notice greater benefits.

If you are dissatisfied with the clarity of your eyesight with your current glasses, come visit Brinegar Eye Care to see if high-definition eyeglass lenses might provide sharper vision.

Computer Lenses

Occupational progressive lenses differ from regular multi-focal eyeglass lenses in a number of ways to optimize your eyesight when viewing your computer screen. Computer screens usually are positioned 20 to 26 inches from the user's eyes. This is considered the intermediate zone of vision — closer than driving ("distance") vision, but farther away than reading ("near") vision. The occupational progressive lens is a no-line, multi-focal that corrects near, intermediate, and up to a point, distance vision. There a larger intermediate zone than regular progressive lenses for more comfortable vision at the computer. However, this leaves less lens area for distance vision so these lenses are not recommended for driving or other significant distance vision tasks. Multi-focal computer eyeglasses are perfect for your office without the need for excessive focusing effort or unhealthful postures. If you think you might be interested in trying computer lenses, prior to your eye exam, estimate how far you like to sit from your computer, and the doctor will do the rest!

Crizal Anti-glare Coatings 

Crizal Anti-glare coatings offer protection against a wide variety of protection for your eyes and the lenses themselves. Crizal no-glare lenses have an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) of 25, for 25 times more UV protection against the damaging rays of the sun. Crizal also reduces glare from headlights while driving at night and office lights throughout the day. Below are the types of coatings we offer.

- Rock

Crizal® Rock™ our most scratch-resistant no-glare lens.1 Combining our signature Crizal anti-reflective coating with our best scratch- and smudge-resistant technology, Crizal Rock can do what many no-glare lenses won’t—offer an anti-reflective coating with unmatched durability. Rock lenses feature our innovative High-Resistance Technology™, a combination of specific oxides proven to resist dust and scratches. The High Surface Density™ Super Hydrophobic topcoat provides exceptional smudge resistance while making lenses easy to clean. The Anti-Particulate Layer actively repels particles, dust, and dirt at a molecular level, keeping the lenses cleaner longer. 

- Prevencia

Crizal Prevencia anti-reflective coating provides you with the superior clarity of vision and improved protection. Crizal Prevencia reduces glare, resists scratches, smudges, dust, and repels water. UV rays can damage your eyes, like they damage your skin, and can accelerate eye aging and cataract formation. Crizal Prevencia provides 25 times more protection against the damaging rays of the sun. Furthermore, Crizal Prevencia provides protect from Blue-Violet light which can present a risk factor for the onset of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is a leading cause of severe vision loss and legal blindness in adults over 60. Blue-Violet light is emitted from many devices such as computers, tablets, and indoor lighting. 

Transitions Adaptive Lenses

Transitions adaptive lenses optimize the amount of light that reaches your eye going beyond vision correction. The lenses reduce glare, eye fatigue and strain, resulting in effortless sight. We offer three options; traditional Transitions Signature, Transitions XTRActive, Transitions XTRActive Style Mirror. 

Transitions Information

Transitions Signature offer fully clear lenses indoors, and optimal tint outdoors. Signature lens are responsive to UV; begin to darken as soon as you step outside; and offer the fastest fade back to clear lenses when indoors. Signature lenses are offered in gray, brown, graphite green, emerald, amethyst, amber, and sapphire . These lenses are great for those interested in outdoor comfort, but want fully clear lenses inside. Signature lenses are made for those who spend the typical amounts of time indoors and outdoors, and are the best option for those who are new to Transitions. 

XTRActive lenses offer more activation for extra protection. Unlike the Signature option, XTRActive lenses are activate behind the windshield of a car, and have a comfortable hint of tint indoors to shield  your eyes from harsh indoor light. XTRActive lenses are great for those who are sensitive to light, and those who want a lens that darkens in the car. XTRActive lenses are offered in gray, brown, and graphite green. 

XTRActive Style Mirror lenses offer stylish customizable mirror finishes, and provide intelligent visual comfort and hassle-free protection from UV and harmful blue light, thanks to the advanced Transitions XTRActive  technology. Indoors the mirror fades to a light reflection with a hint of color. Available in green, silver shadow, blue, gold, red, and pink. The Transitions XTRActive Style Mirrors are a compelling second pair offering for clear and existing Transitions lens wearers. 

Transition Offerings

Eyezen + 

Eyezen + lenses help reduce strain from digital devices. Over 90% of adults are at risk of digital eye strain, and Eyezen + lenses are enhanced to help you see comfortably regardless of device size and the distance you hold them. Eyezen + lenses reduce your exposure to harmful blue light emitted by the latest technological devices. Eyezen + lenses by Essilor are designed for the way you see the world, protecting your eyes from the harshness of modern life. They reduce strain from viewing digital devices so you can focus on what matters to you. 

Xperio UV: Polarized Sun Lenses

Xperio UV polarized sun lenses take outdoor vision to a whole new level. From superior color, clarity, and optics to unparalleled UV protection. Xperio UV lenses eliminates 100% of blinding reflective glare and offer the maximum UV protection available (E-SPF 50+). Xperio UV lenses are up to 3x more scratch-resistant than competitive polarized lenses, and are easy to clean. These lenses come in a variety of vibrant colors, and allow for some of the sharpest vision and clarity. Lenses are offered in gray, brown, and gray/green.

No-line Bifocal

Everyone likes to look their best, including those patients who choose to wear bifocals. The visible line across flat-top bifocals, generally seen as an age marker, gives the lens an undesirable look, At the same time it compromises visual comfort by creating a disturbing image jump. Shamir has developed a new generation of bifocal lenses that provides a more aesthetically appealing solution improving the way the wear look as well as the way they see with Shamir Duo. 

To overcome the disadvantages of traditional bifocals, Shamir Duo offers surface continuity eliminating the visible line. It also offers optical continuity eliminating the image jump and loss of image. Shamir Duo maintains a natural, distortion free visual path as the eye moves from one vision zone to another. Now there is no need to compromise either on appearance or on visual comfort. 

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