Dry Eye Treatments

Brinegar Eye Care Can Help People Overcome Dry Eyes

Dealing with dry eyes feels extremely uncomfortable. You may experience constant itching or a burning sensation in your eyes. Overcoming dry eyes can be achieved through lifestyle changes, home remedies, and sometimes medical treatments. Dry eyes are caused by various factors, including environmental conditions, underlying medical conditions, medications, or eye problems. We provide high-quality ocular care at Brinegar Eye Care in Bloomington, IN. We can treat dry and itchy eyes. Here’s a closer look at dry eyes and potential treatment options.

dry eye treatment

Dry Eyes Explained

Dry eyes occur when there is damage to your team film, which are layers that protect your eyes. Any damage to your tear film may cause discomfort. Dry eye disease impacts people around the world every year. Generally, dry eye occurs when your eyes can’t produce enough tears. This decrease in production may be caused by inflammation in your tear film. Strong eye allergies may cause inflammation. Perhaps your tears evaporate quickly. Evaporation occurs when your tear film cannot keep your tears from drying up. Brinegar Eye Care has several options available to treat this issue.

Common Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Itchy eyes are the most common symptom of dry eyes, but there are other signs to watch out for. Maybe you’ve started having blurred vision or experiencing light sensitivity. Perhaps your eyes are watery, or you’ve noticed a discharge coming out of your eyes. People with dry eyes may experience watery eyes when glands can’t produce enough oil. This forces your tear film to create extra tears to lubricate your eyes, but it doesn’t help.

Dry Eye Treatment

The easiest way to determine the cause of your dry eyes is to undergo an exam. Our eye doctor may use strips to assess your tear production. We may also dye your eyes to check your cornea and measure the water in your tears.

Light Treatment

Our optometrist may prescribe eye drops to reduce inflammation so oil can infiltrate your tears, providing lubrication. We can also prescribe medication to help increase your eyes’ tear production. Our eye doctor may also recommend you start wearing contact lenses.

Closing Tear Ducts

A more serious procedure involves closing your tear ducts to prevent tears from falling too quickly. Another treatment option involves plugging your tear ducts to conserve your tears. These treatment options are designed to help people with serious cases of dry eyes.

Brinegar Eye Care Will Find a Solution

We recognize that there are several potential reasons why you have dry eyes. Our optometrist at Brinegar Eye Care in Bloomington, IN, can help find a solution to this issue. We provide comprehensive care to find the root problem and help you enjoy perfect vision again. Schedule an appointment at (812) 339-7995

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