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Changing from glasses to contacts may seem daunting at first. Yet, contacts will allow you to live your life as you always wanted. No need for constant cleaning until the end of the day and the ability to see more through peripheral vision. Are you considering a change from eyeglasses to contact lenses? If so, you'll need to schedule an exam to get an accurate fitting. We perform eye exams for contact lenses at Brinegar Eye Care in Bloomington, IN. Find out more about contact lens exams below.


Contact Lens Exams

You might wonder what the exam entails if you've never worn contacts. After all, doesn't the optometrist give you a contact prescription? There's a bit more to it than that. Here at Dr. Brinegar Eye Care, we want to ensure that your contact lenses fit well and that you're comfortable wearing them.

Next, we'll look at your eyes. This exam includes checking for signs of infection or inflammation. We'll also measure the curvature of your cornea. This measurement helps determine what kind of contact lens suits your needs. Once we've gathered this information, we'll help you choose the right type of contact lens for you. We'll also show you how to insert and remove the lenses and clean them properly.

Annual Eye Exams

Once you are fitted for contacts, we recommend annual eye exams to determine if any changes have occurred in your eyes. Routine exams are also suitable for ensuring the overall health of your eyes and checking for any signs of disease.

We will also ensure that your contacts provide you with the best vision possible. If you have any problems with your lenses, we can help you find a solution.

Contact Lens Prescriptions

Contact lens prescriptions expire much like eyeglasses. Generally, the contact lens prescription is valid for one year. However, if your vision changes or you have any problems with your lenses, you will need to see the eye doctor sooner.

It's always essential to use fresh contact lenses and never exceed the recommended wearing time for your lenses. Doing so can lead to serious eye problems.

Schedule a Contact Lens Exam with Brinegar Eye Care

If you're interested in switching to contacts or have questions about contact lenses, schedule an appointment with the optometry doctor at Brinegar Eye Car in Bloomington, IN. We'll be happy to help you find the perfect lenses for your needs! Call us at (812) 339-7995 to schedule an appointment.

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