Signs to Visit an Optometrist

Frequent eye checkups are critical for maintaining proper vision. At Brinegar Eye Care, we are a top-class optometry clinic serving Bloomington, IN. Visit an eye doctor if you have any of these signs below.

Foreign Object

If you get a foreign object, you need to seek eye care medical attention immediately. If the substance in your eyes is chemical, flush it with clean water to prevent further damage before going to the optometrist. Do not rub your eyes or use DIY tweezers to remove foreign objects from your eyes. Let the optometrist handle that.

Eye Pain

Mild, infrequent eye pain is common. However, if you experience intense eye pain lasting more than a few days, you should visit an eye clinic for a checkup. The intense continuous pain can indicate an eye infection or a more severe complication.

Blurry Vision and Focusing Problems

You should seek emergency eye care if you experience sudden blurry vision and focusing issues. A more severe complication might cause sudden blurry vision and focusing problems. If the blurry vision and focusing problems come and go or gradually increase in intensity, booking regular eye doctor appointments will suffice.

Diagnosed with Diabetes

Diabetes can have numerous effects, including affecting your vision, if it’s not managed correctly. High blood sugar levels can ruin the retina’s delicate blood vessels resulting in diabetic retinopathy. Both people suffering from diabetes type 1 and type 2 have an elevated risk of developing diabetic retinopathy. Schedule frequent eye clinic visits as if you have diabetes, significant damage can occur to the blood vessels in the retina before you start experiencing vision loss.

Experience Frequent Headaches

The cause of most frequent unexplained headaches is vision problems. In many cases, vision issues appear slowly over time and can be difficult to notice, with the only symptom being frequent unexplained headaches. An eye exam will help you figure out what’s causing your headaches, and you can get treatment if necessary.

Problems Seeing Distant or Close Objects

If you are constantly squinting to see far or close objects, for example, road signs or a book at arm’s length, you should visit an optometry clinic for an examination. This exam is for the best because you likely have near-sightedness or far-sightedness eye conditions. Yet, an optometrist can correct these issues with prescription lenses or minor eye surgery.

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